Stick Dancers - Truk Lagoon is about exploration. From the mysterious islands of Micronesia to restricted Red Sea coastline of Saudi Arabia our mission is to investigate, explore and document exotic locales. We deliver high quality digital media, cultural information, and destination intelligence .

More than Stock Media is a unique media and information source. We provide vital destination intelligence and location specific cultural information. If you are searching for quality underwater images, seeking a better understanding of a local's aquatic attractions or need up to date travel intelligence has what you are looking for. has been gathering information and underwater image content in locations across the planet for over two decades. We leverage cutting edge technology to bring you high quality digital media.

Water Taxi - Malta

About Larry McLean
Gearing up for a dive.

Larry McLean

Larry McLean is an Information Technology professional as well as a professional educator and dive industry leader with over 25 years of experience as a Divemaster and Instructor. Larry has managed a dual career in IT and as a professional dive instructor. Larry has experience as a full stack developer and technical project manager. He has also managed ship and shore based dive operations in the world’s most challenging and scenic locations..

Dive Skiff - Truk Lagoon

Media Content has been exploring the worlds oceans and capturing still images for over two decades.Relationships keep products profitable longterm. We use targeted surveys and interviews to learn your customers’ needs and pain points. These takeaways feed our design iterations and test assumptions quickly.

Fortress - Bahrain

Destination Intelligence

We provide destination specific information to provide sales and marketing support of all sectors of the hospitality and travel industry. Our services support strategic planning, security and safety information in support of web site development, marketing and sales efforts.